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Mobrella Cockatoo for Sale

A Mobrella Cockatoo is a hybrid of a Moluccan cockatoo and an Umbrella cockatoo. Some are pinker than others, some are a tad larger than others. But, overall, compared to an Umbrella, they are definitely larger, have a pink tinge to their feathers, the crown is much longer and often has salmon mixed in with the feathers on the crown, sometimes a nice deep salmon.

They are very outgoing like all cockatoos, with an almost irresistible sweetness factor.
As all larger cockatoos, they can be very loud, stubborn, and destructive, so they do need daily attention out of the cage, and lots of interactive toys that will be destroyed!
This baby is very large already, and is DNA male.

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Above 2 Years, 5-9 Months


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